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Pet Loss and Grief Support around the Holidays

Pet Loss and Grief Support around the Holidays

The holidays are a time of celebration, but for many that have lost a pet or loved one can find them more challenging than ever. Grief is an emotion we all share. Whether we miss our loved ones, or even our lives before COVID, the holidays seem to make us nostalgic and bring our awareness of our losses to the forefront.
Grief comes in many forms as we navigate the changes in our lives.
We grieve for :
  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Change in a familiar routine such as our lives before COVID
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Loss of a job
  • Unmet hopes or any sort
    • Share with someone who honors and understands the special bond you have with your pet
    • Hold space for your feelings without judging them.
    • Attend a pet loss support group
    • See a therapist that specializes in grief support
      • Self-care
      • Mindfulness meditation
      • Immerse yourself in nature
      • Seek help from a qualified therapist or grief expert
        On the Holistic Vet Channel we spoke to Dr. Birgitte Tan author of Seeking Peach: The Proven 5-Fingers Method To Thrive Through Change Effortlessly. She talked about how each person's grief is as unique as their fingerprint.
        We talked about how difficult the loss of a pet may be when some respond with "it's just a dog or cat and you can just get another one." There's no time off for grieving a beloved pet.
        At this time I reflect on how thankful I am to have my pets and make a difference in the lives of other's pets. Happy Thanksgiving!
        Dr. Dody

        Hi! I'm Dr, Dody, DVM.

        Passionate about animal welfare, I dedicated my life to helping animals from a young age. After years of traditional medicine, I discovered a lack of dietary options for optimal health. Combining my experience in both traditional and holistic care, I created Holistic Vet Blend® to empower consumers in choosing healthy ingredients and provide essential nutrients. As a seasoned veterinarian and thought leader, I advocate for a personalized approach to improve pets' lives. We support you in curating your pet's bowl, monitoring their progress, and offering the latest recommendations as their needs change.

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