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At Holistic Vet Blend, we believe every pet deserves a homemade meal

Let us show you how fast, easy, and rewarding cooking for your pets can be!

The first step in any great meal is great ingredients.

Holistic Vet Blend premix supplement was designed by a
holistic veterinarian with 30 years of experience.


  • "I started using Holistic Vet Blend and my dog flourished and he gained weight. His coat is soft, and he has so much energy. He's 13 years old and can jump to my waist and shoots out of the house like a rocket chasing birds."

    Jennifer, Dog Owner

  • "I've been doing this for at least six, eight months or so. She hasn't been to the vet once. There's no more blood. She is so healthy. Her skin is great. Her coat is as soft as can be."

    Liz, Cat Owner

  • "He's like a new dog. He really is doing amazing. He is off some of the crazy medicines they had him on and he's really doing and feeling well and his coat is amazing."

    Faith, Dog Owner

  • "I just think that everybody should have it. I love it. And especially if you have a dog with cancer, you're supplying all the nutrients they need to fight the cancer. So I just believe in it because this is what we need for pets."

    Barbara, Dog Owner

  • "Her infections went away, the itching was much better and it just seemed to be overall a better balance for I'm rest assured that every nutrient that is in the containers is the best product that you can get for your dog. I just know that this is the right thing for my dog."

    Deidre, Dog Owner