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Best Dog Gifts

Best Dog Gifts

Have you thought of what to give to your dogs? Confusing right? It's because we just want to give them the best gifts ever.

We made this easier for you! So, we've compiled a list of our favorites, and most can be easily found on Amazon. 

This dog mom had to stop at 15 of unique gifts. Here are some of my favorites:


1. This LED glow ball- is great for when you get home, it's dusk, and your dog would like to play some ball!
2. Silicone Treat Pouch - I wish I had found these silicones treat pouches long ago. You can put treats in and keep them clean, they are much more accessible than fabric treat pouches.
3. Carry Pack - what I like about this carry pack is that it has two spots for water, one for me and one for my dog. It also comes with a collapsible water bowl, a place for your bags and phone, and other compartments to store keys and space for toys. 
4. Buttons - We've had a lot of fun with these dog buttons. They are easy to push. I recommend the book How Stella Learned to talk to learn more about using the buttons.
5. Holistic Vet Blend - HVB Blends are a great way to introduce a friend to home cooking for their pet. When they see the difference in their pets' vitality, they will thank you!
6. Holl-eee Rollers - are great toys as you can play fetch with them, they do not damage a dog's teeth, and you can also play tug with them. Dogs big and small love Holl-ee Rollers.
7. Chuck-It - My dogs love Chuck It. I only use the rubber chuck-it balls as the fabric ones will wear a dog's teeth down.
8. Nerf Ball Gun - I almost left this one off....but my Border Collie is high-energy, and I have an injur that makes it difficult to throw the ball right now. I would not recommend this for dogs that are not athletic or have bad knees. The excitement of this ball gun is too much for some dogs, and I would not allow children to play with a dog with this. But for a high-energy's an arm saver. 
9. Palomine Lines - are custom leashes made from biothane that keep forever and will last a lifetime as they are easily cleaned and resist UV damage and breakdown. Great for all sorts of weather and easily cleaned. I love all the vibrant colors they come in and the options for all sorts of lengths and styles. Match a new collar with a fun-colored leash.
10. Books - this is an amazing simple guide to teach your dog on how to communicate with you.
11. Hands-on gloves - are wonderful for brushing and bathing your dog. Make bath time more enjoyable for you and your pet. You'll be amazed how much hair comes off when you use these.
12. Stroller - I'm not going to lie. When I go a stroller for my dog, I got a lot of flack. But it was a great place to put a small and even medium sized dog when you are having coffee. It's also a great place for a dog to recover from an injury or surgery. Just wheel them around the house with you. I would put my dogs in it when I was at agility class, and I could move their gear around quickly.
13. Lick Mats - are great for keeping dogs busy when you leave the house or when they need some stimulation. You can shmear them with some peanut butter or pumpkin and freeze it. They will be busy licking the lick mat.
14. Clicker with target sticks -are great for learning new tricks. Your dog can learn to target the ball by placing the ball next to a treat and clicking. Soon they will follow the ball. You can use it to train new behaviors, as the dog will follow the target.
15. Dog walking gloves - these gloves have a pocket for your house key or a handy dandy spot to place a poo bag. They can open to allow you to conveniently pick up after them and type on your phone.

Go watch our Youtube video as well to get more gift ideas for this Holiday Season. Don't miss out!!



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