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Cat Mom Gifts

Cat Mom Gifts

Are you looking for unique gifts for cat lovers on Amazon? We've compiled some unique gifts for cats and cat's moms and dads everywhere that are sure to delight. 

This cat mom had to stop at 16 of unique gifts. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Seed Pack - Seed pack for growing your catnip or kitty grass.
2. Cat Wand Toy - And sometimes all they want is a Cat Wand Toy.
3.Holistic Vet Blend - HVB Blends are fantastic gifts for your friends and family to try the healthiest cat food out there!
4. BelI - If you want to teach your cat how to order room service, you might want to teach them how to ring a bell. 
5. Buttons - Talking buttons are fun too.
6. Cat Harness - I have several cat harnesses. Make sure if you get one that it fits well. My cat could chew through the buckle on this one, but they replaced it. I also have this one that comes with a flexible leash.
7. Stroller- We love our stroller. It's an excellent way for your cats to get out and see the world with you.
8. Cat Backpacks - Cat backpacks are also a fun way to travel with your cat. They also double as a cat carrier. It's even better that they learn to enjoy trekking outside with you, and it will make those trips to the vet a little less traumatic as they will be accustomed to going out in it.
9. Books - I love this book written from the cat's point of view.
10. Catnip - Catnip anything...
11. Box Castle - Oh, and a box will also do. And a box castle...even better!
12. Paper bag - It's funny that you can spend money on things to amuse your cat, and sometimes all they want to play with is a paper bag! Phoenix would like to remind you that it's the little things!
13. Hands-on Gloves - These hands-on gloves are excellent for giving a kitty massage and collecting any shedding hair.
14. Clicker with target - A clicker with a target is a perfect way to train your cat.

15. Window Seat - Window seats can be the most popular seats in the house.
16. Cat Scratcher Lounge - These cat scratcher lounges double as a napping

Go watch our Youtube video as well to get more gift ideas for this Holiday Season. Don't miss out!!


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