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Gifts for Pets | Some your Vet says to avoid

Gifts for Pets | Some your Vet says to avoid

Did you know that 90% of pet parents buy gifts for their pets on birthdays and holidays? And over 50% of those people actually wrap those gifts. That is why we want to make sure that during the holidays, the gifts we will be giving them are safe and fun to play around with.

Here are some lists of items that we should avoid according to our vets: 

1. Chocolate - Anything chocolate, especially if wrapped and placed accessible under the tree.
2. Ornaments - on the tree that are accessible and look like food
3. Macadamia Nuts
4. Frisbees - are a poor choice for older dogs with bad knees
5. Gift baskets - with preserved sausages and cheeses in plastic can be consumed.
6. Flexi leashes
7. Battery Toys - anything with button batteries that dogs would be tempted to chew.
8. Tinsels, Strings & Ribbons
9. Sugar-free candy - candies with xylitol
10Tennis Balls - are like brillo pads on a dog's teeth, choose rubber instead.
11. Flower Arrangements - that has lilies or poinsettias.

Go watch our Youtube video as well to know more about the gifts you should avoid!

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