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Pinball's Journey


About a year ago my 14-year-old cat began to be ill. He had always thrown up a bit, but he began throwing up every time he ate. It turned out that he was allergic to chicken in his food. This was new to me as I had no idea that cats could be allergic to chicken. So I began searching for chicken-free food. I spent hours going through endless ingredient lists, trying to find food with no trace of chicken. I found a few, a very few. He ate a salmon-based canned food for about six months, and then decided he didn’t like it anymore. Then we went to lamb which agreed with him not at all. We finally settled on turkey. He ate one kind that did OK until it gave him diarrhea. Then another kind with rabbit he didn’t like. And one mixed with herring.

When he decided he didn’t like this last kind, I was getting desperate and running out of options. A friend of mine, whose daughter was making her own cat food told me about Holistic Blend. I studied the website and read through the recipes, and decided to give it a try. I had no other choice. When the premix and the Icelandic oil arrived, I made up a batch of food that I doled out with his last can of commercial food. He took to it immediately and he hasn’t stopped since. I feed him his own recipe with ground turkey and spinach and bone broth. He hasn’t thrown up since he started eating it, and he isn’t getting tired of it. I added a little pumpkin, one time, and some beef another time for a bit of variety. I am so grateful. that I can make food for him that won’t hurt him. Thank you, Dr. Dody!

My now nearly 16-year-old Pin has regained his weight, his fur is shiny and silky, and he has a spring in his step. God bless you and thank you!


from Judy (Happy Customer)