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Our Homemade Dog Food Journey!

My Wife Christina and I never imagined we’d be making our own dog food. We have two Dachshund Terrier mixes named Scout and Bella. Even though they are from separate litters, they are inseparable. We started entertaining the idea of making their dog food for a couple of reasons. One being we were having trouble finding wet food they both liked and it was also very expensive. We don’t mind spending money on our babies but it’s difficult to justify when they wouldn’t eat all of it and end up wasting food and money.


The other reason and main reason was our Dogs LOVE people food and are beggars!  We’d set down to eat dinner and of course feed them their food only to find them not touching the expensive canned food but instead looking up at us with those heart melting eyes. We were in a catch 22 situation. I love you and want to give some of my food , but I won’t give it to you because I love you and know that people food has seasonings that are bad for pets. Feeling guilty and frustrated we began researching Home made dog food. We saw some other brands of pre-made natural Dog food however the price was insanely high and we comfortable subscribing to Dog food delivery service. Our research led us to find The Holistic Vet Cookbook! We purchased the book and after reading through it realized there was a couple of premix formulas to choose from and purchase. I have to be honest, I was skeptical but after doing the math I realized it would actually be quite affordable and could actually work out if we were willing to put forth a little effort of our own and commit to making healthy food for our Pups. I am glad we did because after about six months our dogs have been loving the food we make and are perfectly healthy and full of energy. Scout our Black and white boy had previously been shedding pretty excessively. We’ve noticed a big reduction in the amount of shedding from him its almost non existent now. His coat also feels supper soft. It’s amazing to me still that every time we feed them they eat every bite.


We like that Holistic Vet premix gives us the flexibility to change up our dog food ingredients so our Dogs have a variety of flavors each week. The premix and fish oil simplify everything and now don’t need recipes to shop for our ingredients. It is safe to say our experience With Holistic Vet products have been great and rewarding. Seeing our dogs gobble up Dog food that we made them is priceless and gratifying. We even gave our Dog food a corny name, we call it “Doggy Time” a spinoff of the term “dinner time” Thank you Holistic Vet!


from Geoff and Christina Adam (Happy Customers)