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Mr. Britches' Journey

Around June of 2023, our then 14 year old cat was culminating in the symptoms that his vet had difficulty officially diagnosing. He had terrible gastric symptoms, vomiting and awful diarrhea, that had gotten so bad and frequent, the vet was trying just about everything to alleviate them. Because he had always had a sensitive digestive system, we already had him on Royal Canin’s digestive care food for years. What we didn’t know is that Mr. Britches was doing what cats are pretty good at, being sneaky, and he was only pretending to eat his food for us. We just didn’t know his food was an issue for so long. It wasn’t until he gave up eating his food entirely but was still acting hungry that we knew something had to change. We tried wet food, the wet food in the picture is Royal Canin (which he still refused to eat) and he was at his worst there, and I had learned from the vet that most wet food from the store was completely void of nutrients cats need. I knew it was time to do something serious for my little guy.

I looked up how to make your own cat food, and I ran into Holistic Vet. I decided to try the feline senior premix and the omega-3 fish oil blended into a pate I make from ground turkey, eggs, bone broth, pumpkin and parsley, a recipe from the site. To say we’ve seen a complete turnaround is an understatement. It’s like we’ve gotten ten years back for our little man!! He actually plays again! He harasses us to play with him, even! He went from a little over seven pounds to being around 12 pounds now!! It feels so incredible to have helped my cat heal with nutrition, and I am so grateful to Holistic Vet for guiding me on this journey. Sometimes I joke with people that I’ve seen such a dramatic turn around with B, maybe I should try his diet, too! Holistic Vet Blend saved my cat, and this cat parent is so eternally grateful.


from AnDrue Humphrey (Happy Customer)