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Feline Premix

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You can make your own fresh cat food that is healthier and cheaper than many other options! By adding our premix to our free recipes, you will be sure your cat is getting the best nutrition possible. You can choose quality ingredients, whether it’s organic, homegrown, local, what’s in season, or on sale at the market.

Preparation time is less than 15 minutes! Each canister (3.175 oz / 90 g) balances 6 batches of food which is enough to feed the average cat for one month.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Carole Hoffer
Good product

I believe this is a great product, but if I had more than one cat, not sure about the cost. Seem to us up a container quickly. But, then what is the cost of having to pay vet bills and having your cat sick, right?

Jonathan Messina

Feline Premix

Ann Winkler
Didn't work for us

I was so hoping I finally found a way to make my cat's food but they wouldn't touch it. I tried turkey with kale and eggs, nope. I tried just turkey, nope. Just chicken, nope. Just beef, nope. Only one of my cats would try it and he threw it back up later.

Deanna Silberberg
Cats approved product

At first skeptical about cooking for cats but this supplement blend made the process easy and tasty. Its quick to make and enough options to provide variety of flavors. The recipes are easy to follow . Best of all the cats will eat it , including picky girl.

Ellie McCaffrey
Great product.

By using this in the food I am cooking for my cats I am sure that they are getting all the nutrients they need.

Additional Information

New Zealand grass fed beef liver, heart and kidney - Organ meat rich in B Vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids

Calcium carbonate - Calcium source

Dicalcium phosphate - Essential minerals

Nutritional Yeast - Rich source of B Vitamins

Choline chloride - Fatty acid for metabolism and nervous system health

Taurine - Essential amino acid

Icelandic Kelp - Source of Iodine and trace minerals

Ginger - Antioxidant and palatant

Biotin - B Vitamin important for skin and coat

Vitamin E - antioxidant

Folic acid - B Vitamin

Vitamin B9 (folate) - B Vitamin essential for cellular health and metabolism

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - B Vitamin important for metabolism

Use the guide below to create your own recipes that cater to your cat’s unique palate.

1. MEAT: 1 pound of poultry or red meat, chopped and browned in 2 Tbsp coconut oil

2. LIQUID: 3/4 -1 cup low sodium broth or water

3. OMEGA-3: ½ tsp Holistic Vet Blend Omega-3 Icelandic Fish Oil OR tinned fish

4. EGGS: 1 or 2 cooked eggs (Optional)

5. PREMIX: 2 TBSP/15 g HVB Feline Premix or HVB Feline Senior Premix

Add HVB Feline Premix to one pound of cooked or raw meat.

Add water or broth (avoid onions and garlic in broth).

Add tinned fish (4.5 oz sardines in water OR 6 oz wild salmon OR 7.5 oz mackerel in water) or another omega-3 fatty acid source such as Holistic Vet Blend® Icelandic Omega-3 fish oil.

Add eggs if desired.

Blend or mix the recipe to the desired pâté consistency. You can use a food processor, an immersion blender, or any other type of blender to achieve whatever consistency you want.

This recipe yields approximately 1¾ pounds or 3 cups.

Keep up to 4 days of food in the refrigerator and freeze the rest.

More recipes are available in our free cookbook and on our YouTube channel

This is a quick start recommendation for feeding your cat or kitten. You have to find a place to start, make a transition and adjust as needed. Monitor appetite and body condition to determine next steps and consult with your veterinarian when in doubt.

Feline weight in pounds:

2-4 pounds feed ¼ to ½ cup

4-6 pounds feed ½ to ¾ cup

6-10 pounds feed ¾ cup

10-15 pounds feed ¾ to 1 cup

15-25 pounds feed 1 to 1 ½ cups

Cats and kittens over 6 months of age can be fed once daily. If you chose to feed two daily meals I would recommend feeding 2/3 of the food in the morning and 1/3 of the food in the evening.

Frequently asked questions

One canister contains enough premix to make meals for one month for the average cat.

 Yes, we recommend the Feline Blend for kittens; if adding egg add the shell as well for additional calcium.

 No. You should prepare the recipe in its entirety and add the premix last and mix in well.

Make sure you download our free cookbook and check out our YouTube channel. All recipes can be prepared on the stove or in a pressure cooker or slow cooker. We also have raw recipes.

After cooking, the prepared diet can be refrigerated for 4 days. If feeding raw, the diet should be frozen in servings for up to 4 months and thawed out for each feeding thereafter. Cooked food can be refrigerated for up to 6 months.

The product was developed by a PhD animal nutritionist and a veterinarian.

The product is made in a facility that only uses ingredients fit for human consumption (no feed-grade ingredients). The product is manufactured in California.

A certificate of analysis is provided for each batch. The individual ingredients as well as the final batch are tested for bacteria (Salmonella, coliforms, E. Coli, Staph Aureus) and fungal pathogens, lead, mercury, and arsenic. 

We recommend water or homemade broth or bone broth without salt added. Although rare, onion and garlic powder should be avoided as these can cause anemia.

Although many pets have done very well on raw diets, each individual pet and their family has different needs. AVMA does not recommend feeding raw diets due to the risks of exposure to zoonotic risks (spread of Campylobacter or Salmonella) to humans. Use proper hygiene, especially if there are immune-compromised individuals in the household.

Do not use raw eggs in the feline formula.