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Icelandic Blend Omega-3 Fish Oil

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Holistic Vet Blend Icelandic Omega-3 fish oil is organic and obtained from wild-caught fish off the cold clean water of Iceland. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for healthy immune system function as well as maintaining a healthy nervous system, skin and coat.

8 oz / 237 ml bottle

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Ellie McCaffrey
Good for them

I know my cats are getting everything they need for their health.

Elise Grein

Has all of the nutrients my dog needs to stay healthy on a homemade diet.

Richard Setters
Great products, fast service

My two little rat terriers love this food and they are healthy. Great product.

Sharlene KIDD

Very convenient to use. I add it to my homemade cat food. They seem to love it too.


Excellent! I have a dog and a cat. Both of their coats are soft and shiny. Neither have any skin issues. Also, they love the product. Sometimes, I sprinkle a tiny bit on their food and they gobbled it up!

Additional Information

Wild caught anchovy



Sardine oil

Fish Oil - Feeding Guide

Suggested daily use:

Pet weight in pounds

<15 pounds add ½ pump or ½ tsp

15-24 pounds add 1 pump or 1 tsp

25-50 pounds add 2 pumps or 2 tsp

50-75 pounds add 3 pumps or 3 tsp

75+ pounds add 4 pumps or 4 tsp

Fat: 99.5% min

Moisture: 0.5% max

Total Omega Fatty Acids: 35.5% min

EPA: 18.% min

DHA: 12.0% min

Omega-6 Fatty Acids: 7.0% min

Per serving (teaspoon/5 ml/5cc)

EPA: 800 MG/G

DHA: 525 MG/G

Total Omega: 1,597.5 mg

Total Omega-3: 1,437.75 mg

Weight 8.6 7 oz
Dimensions 5.55 × 2.25 × 2.3 in

Frequently asked questions

 Yes, you can add fish oil daily instead of adding it to the recipe if you prefer