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Five major signs your pet is suffering from allergies!

It’s that time… Runny eyes Reverse sneezing Licking paws Scratching head and face Ear and skin infections Remember that food allergies typically manifest year-round. A large percentage of dogs with food allergies also have environmental allergies. I don’t know about you but go outside right now and it looks like the scene for an allergy … Read More » [...] Read more »

Holistic Vet Blend instant pot recipes

Instant Pot Easy Turkey and Macaroni with Carrots and Broccoli

I am always looking for easy, healthy and economical ways to feed my pets and family.  When I’m at the market and a great deal catches my eye,  I find a way to work it in to my cooking rotation for our family.  So when I found 3 pounds of ground turkey on sale for … Read More » [...] Read more »